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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Kinderfeets a sustainable company?

Kinderfeets products are made using fast-growing Bamboo, an extremely adaptable and resilient crop that has the ability to self-regenerate. Bamboo also doesn’t require toxic chemicals or artificial pesticides for growth and maintenance, which makes it both toxin-free and more cost-effective.

When we’re not using Bamboo, we’re using eco-friendly birch wood and/or FSC-certified German beechwood. We also use non-toxic, water-based paints and lacquers, minimal packaging and recycled paper for product information to set children up for a lifetime of planet-friendly living.

Furthermore, part of our annual profits is put toward Trees for the Future – a nonprofit organization that partners with businesses like us to plant trees and combat deforestation.

Where can I purchase Kinderfeets products?
You can always purchase Kinderfeets products through our website. Additionally, you can find them at baby stores around the country and many local toy stores. Check out some of our retailers here.

When can I expect to receive my Kinderfeets product after purchasing?
Our team aims to pick orders by the end of the next working day. Your order is then couriered out around New Zealand and this can take 2-3 working days to most addresses. For rural addresses there may be additional days needed.
You will receive tracking once the order has been sent, so you can track your order.

Where has the Kinderboard design come from?
Originally introduced in Waldorf Early Childhood classrooms many years ago, the Kinderboard was developed from this old play toy and created a new sustainable option for modern day kids and families. 

How will Kinderfeets products help my child develop?
Kinderfeets’ active toys support children in their development of gross motor skills, balance and coordination - all while encouraging them to gain self-esteem through independent play. Other products strengthen fine motor skills alongside cognitive, social and language development. Each Kinderfeets product is manufactured to stimulate a child’s imagination, increase their capacity for joy, support their development and encourage their overall growth!
Each Kinderfeets product is manufactured to stimulate a child’s imagination, increase their capacity for joy, support their development of physical and cognitive skills, and encourage their overall growth!

What makes Kinderfeets’ products safer for my child than others on the market?
The intentional and functional design behind each Kinderfeets product ensures child safety and user-friendliness. All toys are handmade using sustainable materials, non-toxic finishings and non-formaldehyde glue to protect both children and the environment. Products are also safety tested for the European, North American and Australian markets: including CE, ASTM, EN71 and AS/NZS 8124.

Do Kinderfeets products require maintenance?
Slight maintenance may be required over time. Bolts may loosen on the bikes from use, so be sure to check them before each ride! Don’t leave or store your Kinderfeets products outside. They are protected by a lacquer coating but are made of wood and are therefore susceptible to damage caused by exposure to rain and wet conditions. ALL Kinderfeets products should be stored in a dry, cool space to ensure quality and lasting use. Warranty may be voided if regular maintenance is not performed and storage recommendations are not followed.

What is the difference between Tiny Tot and Tiny Tot Plus?
While they have the same features the bikes are designed for slightly different age ranges. Tiny Tot is a smaller bike (21.5-28cm seat height) and is designed for a child ages 12-24 months. With a weight capacity of 18kgs. Tiny Tot Plus is larger (25-34cm seat height) and is designed for 18months to four years. With a weight capacity of 25kgs. 

What happens if my child’s Kinderfeets product needs a replacement part or breaks?
Visit the “Kinderfeets Parts” section on the Collections page to place an order for the parts that you need. If the part is not there you are wanting please let us know through the contact us page and we can see if we have a part to help you.  If you are experiencing an issue within the one-year warranty, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

I am a New Zealand retailer and want to talk about stocking Kinderfeets. How do I go about doing so?
Contact us through our website and be sure to express your interest.