Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground
Apex Pikler Playground

Apex Pikler Playground

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Watch your child reach new heights with the dynamic Large Pikler Triangle, the Small Pikler Triangle and the 2-in-1 Ramp/Slide – a great combination of size and variation for adventurous, young climbers.

With four options of climbing styles – ropes, wooden stepping blocks, wooden dowels, and a ribbed ramp – the Apex bundle offers plenty of stimulating, active fun. Create different configurations, connect the Ramp/Slide at multiple height ranges, or convert between Ramp or Slide to continually adapt this versatile set to keep the challenge level just right for your little one.

When they're all tired out, they can even use the Large Triangle to create their own teepee style tent to relax in, with the simple addition of a sheet overtop and a comfy pillow inside. 

 110 x 43 x 5 cm
Small Triangle: 46 x 46 x 41 cm
Large Triangle: 89 x 82 x 78 cm
Weight limit: 60 kg

About the Kinderfeets Pikler Range:

Each of our Pikler accessories is compatible with the full range, enabling you to select any combination to begin with or add on new challenges as your little one grows! Secure locks connect the system's pieces together, while holding them safely in place. 

We use sustainable and responsibly-sourced birch plywood and beech wood in the crafting of our Pikler products, and each piece is finished with a water-based varnish for smooth, comfortable play and easy cleaning. 

Through active developmental play with the Pikler system, children gain physical and cardiovascular strength, build self-esteem, improve gross motor skills and explore their boundless imagination. 

Recommended age: Suitable for ages 1 year and older
Materials: Birch plywood, beech wood, rope
Care instructions: Store inside & keep product dry. Purposed for indoor use. Dry, daytime use outside is also suitable.
Safety Standards Compliance: AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 tested and certified
Warranty: 1 Year